Clonk Endeavor comes as wild games mixture of genres Action, Skill Game and Jump&Run; on the computer. Also, elements from the field of construction strategy are used here, wherein the game, both in single and multi-player mode takes place. Here, the players are maps of different coinage of fantasy and Knight Worlds to Western scenarios to choose from. Like the genre classic The Settlers Online is developed for Clonk Endeavor gradually its own civilization and occurs with this in competition with other nations. However Clonk Endeavor does not proceed in real time, but turn-based. Up to four players being taken up either in the hotseat variant or via LAN game tussle for supremacy on the selected card. Games on the Internet are not possible here. Visually and technically to Clonk Endeavor is indeed far from being on the cutting edge. Nevertheless, the game is a lot of humor and, thanks to countless expansions long-lasting fun.