Skype Translator

Of the Skype Translator Download helps VoIP users across language barriers. The Windows 8 app translates conversations live in up to 40 languages.

Automatic Live translation to the Skype Translator Download

With the Translator technology, Skype has approached another step in a world without communication barriers. The program allows for easy conversation between two people who do not speak a common language. The translator converts not only typed chat conversations into another language, even the spoken word in video conversations will be recognized and converted in real time. To do that, in the VoIP software on the profile of the caller and provides the Skype Translator on. In addition, the spoken and written language of the other person be selected. In their own profile a language must be selected, also can choose between a male and a female voice output.

Skype Translator

Depending on your preference all messages in both languages ​​or only the translation will appear in the chat. Moreover, one can view the transcript of a spoken conversation in the chat window. The acoustic translation can be switched on and issue separately. When switched on, the original sound of the other person can be made quieter, but not off. For untrained listener requires some adaptation time until you can focus on the right voice.

Languages ​​offered by Skype Translator will be further developed

Currently, the software Skype Translator download is still in the testing phase and has in acoustic simultaneous translation only Spanish to English and English to Spanish. is currently working on the automated spoken translation in other languages. There is no question that the German / English conversion with are offered is, after all, it was precisely this combination of languages, which was demonstrated at the first presentation.

Limitations of the translator software

Currently, the Windows operating system is supported only 8.1. In addition, the use of the preview version requires uninstalling the Skype application. You can register with the usual credentials. Those who want to contribute to the improvement of the art, must subscribe to the manufacturing side as a tester. After registering, users can download the Skype Translator and test special features. With the prior consent of the user, some conversations are recorded and provided with feedback that should be considered in the development. Video chats with integrated dictionary Users can have long download dictionary software, and translate written content in a variety of languages. But the dream of a program that reproduces the spoken word without delay and errors in another language, seemed to be a distant vision of the future. The preview version of Skype Translator is in an early stage of development and can be tested only at the invitation of Skype. As a user, you can help improve the impressive technology.