Windows XP Product Key Modifier

You acquires a new Windows license, you have to activate the corresponding code in Windows. The free Windows XP Product Key Modifier Download makes a reinstallation of Windows XP systems redundant and changes to a button the license code.

Change license code via Windows XP Product Key Modifier Download

The operation of the Windows XP product key modifier designed to self-explanatory: The user must just start the program and copy the new code into the input field or entered manually. Then just click on "Change Key", The freeware informed about the successful completion of the change. There are many reasons, users can initiate a change in the product key. For example, this can be useful if the license key has been released and could therefore be misused by unauthorized persons. Before the change of license keys It is safer to make a backup of the system.

Windows XP Product Key Modifier Download command line

Changing the Win 7-product key via the command line

The Windows XP product key modifier can only be used on XP systems. For those that want to change the serial number of Windows 7 can use an on-board program of the operating system from Microsoft, with the change in Windows 7 is Serial pretty fast. However, this command line has to be tried. To change the Windows 7 Key, the user first clicks on Start and type in the search box "input" on. Now click with the right mouse button on the Command Prompt shortcut and execute it with administrator privileges. In the next step the user typed into the command prompt "slmgr.vbs -ipk" followed by the new serial number. The command may thus for example look like this: "slmgr.vbs -ipk 1234-1234-1234", Finally, the new serial has yet to be activated. For this, the user uses the following command: "slmgr.vbs -ato",

Windows XP Product Key Modifier Download command line

It's even easier in Windows XP

This procedure from the command line on Windows 7 seems a little complicated and unfamiliar. Windows XP users have it easier at this point, since they with the Windows XP Product Key Modifier Download can use a separate tool for renaming the license key. You only have to load the small freeware utility to your own computer, then enter the new code and click on Change Key. Finished! More System tools are available in our software catalog for free download. New Key for Windows XP at your fingertips The Windows XP Product Key Modifier saves the user from the cumbersome reinstallation of the operating system when the Product Key wants to change its Windows system, for example due to the acquisition of a new XP license. By pressing a button quickly and easily, a new key is loaded in Windows XP. Simpler change the CD key can hardly be.