Of the Mobile Master Copy Station Download transfers data from the old to the new phone. So copying phone numbers to the new device is much easier.

Mobile data copy with the Mobile Master Copy Station Download

The offshoot of the popular mobile phone synchronizer Mobile Master named CopyStation goes with most currently available mobile phones, including for example, the devices of the Samsung Galaxy series. Even existing backups - whether from the Nokia Suite (Nokia Ovi Suite) software, from a Siemens adr file or a vcf export - recognizes the Copy Station and transfers the contact details on the new mobile device. Practical: If available, also contacts are transferred associated images. If the phone is not in the list of supported models contain that does not mean the end - Copy Station also supports a number of other models that can be easily integrated on existing standards.

Depending on the type of the copying station also supports appointments, tasks and notes. Who puts on an automatic transfer of Java and multimedia data as well as SMS and bookmarks value accesses the master to the big brother Mobile.

Mobile Master Copy Station Download

A helpful assistant will assist in the selection of data source and destination and makes copying of addresses and phone numbers so beginner friendly. The advantages are firstly the support from the competent assistants and the other in the mediation between different standards, such as between Nokia and Siemens or Android.

Supported sources: VCard (VCF), CSV, TXT, Nokia backup file (NBU), Siemens ADR file Nokia PC / OVI Suite

possible combinations: Mobile to mobile, mobile to file (CSV, VCF, ADR, NBU), Nokia PC / OVI Suite to mobile phone, mobile phone or Nokia PC / OVI Suite to vcf-file (contacts).

Limitations of Mobile Master Copy Station

30-day trial version that transmits only the first five directory entries.