Who has not even dreamed of, to operate its own radio station, or to make his own radio program? Would you like to play for a great new song or newly purchased CD over the Internet to their friends, colleagues? You are a musician, DJ, and would like to present to friends, play it without sending megabytes of large files via e-mail back and forth your new composition, Take, style or Groove? No23Live streams everything is displayed on your computer to audio signals live over the Internet and one has more than one computer, and these networked together, can stream their music on any connected PC and so hear the music throughout the house. No23Live uses the latest streaming technology, packaged in a compact and user-friendly program, giving the user the tool in the hand to make from your own home his own radio program and reach listeners around the world. Stream your favorite music over the Internet to your friends and enjoy together as the music. Musicians, DJ's, just connect your mixer to the line-in input on your sound card, and send your sound live over the Internet. No23Live transmits the audio stream directly from your PC or laptop via the Internet to your listeners who can already hear your stream in a few seconds. In a normal transfer, you must first download the entire file onto your computer before you can begin playing. This may take some MBs of appropriate length and also prepare any real fun at a narrow-band Internet connection. The advantage of streaming is that the audience just does not have to wait until the entire file is transferred, but already can hear while downloading. With streaming media playback takes place already when the first notes on the computer arrive.

Limitations of No23Live