Site Journal 2017

With the Site Journal 2017 Download Create builders or construction manager the necessary on any site building diaries. You can create any number of Bautagebüchern, each of which can contain any number of construction reports.

Bautagebuch created in 2017 and managed download site reports

The new version improves many details under the hood and also brings apps for iPhone / iPad and Android mobiles. Borrowing from Office program's user interface is clearly structured and kept clearly in spite of the large functional range. Here information on the construction project, developer and construction manager and general information can be stored for construction project. In addition, entries relating to weather, committing participants, daily output, approvals, variations, defects, instructions, plans and materials are possible.

Site Journal 2017 DownloadCreate site reports with the construction diary 2017 download

Construction software with address and image database and report generator

Construction diary allows the creation and management of templates - so you quickly an individually tailored form at hand. An address and image database and the Report Generator complete the construction software. Included in the download is the construction diary mobile for mobile detection reports via iPhone / iPod and Android app.

Limitations of construction diary

Projects are not saved.