You can disable the Google Play services?

If Android users report a high battery consumption, play services are often to blame. who the Disable Google Play services wants however no favors will do. read here what helps!

Whether Sony Xperia, Nexus, LG, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, or any other phone model: In the past, it happened again and again that users had to complain far too much consumption of your battery. As it turned out, the cause lay in the download of Google Play services. The spontaneous thought of many users, then, the system app easy to uninstall or disable. That this approach simply acting is a pitfall actually and what you can still do to be listed here.

Disable Google Play services

Google Play disable services is not a solution

If something does not work, common sense tells course immediately "get away with it." In the play services, however, the case is somewhat different. The system application is responsible for a number of important tasks so that deactivation has more of a negative impact. The app ensures the smooth functioning of all Google services that also these apps update automatically in the background and also takes care of third-party applications. Who shuts down the operation of the service, could cause an even higher battery consumption under circumstances would make his system unstable and must reckon with some errors in the app operation. Google also warns on its support page before this step.

Google Play services disable warning

Disable still possible

Who would still like to try this approach, you can disable the Google Play services in a few steps. That's how it's done:

  • First, the user opens the settings of the smartphone
  • He navigated in the apps and searches for the Google Play services
  • These are now being clicked, so that the app opens Info
  • appears near the top right of stopping the Button Force Disable. Click, done.

Google Play services clear method

Should then but system instability and erratic behavior of the apps are spreading, the disabled services can fortunately quite quickly reactivated.

  • The user reopens the settings on his smartphone, where the apps
  • Instead of display applications only executed, the user changes to all applications
  • At the bottom of the disabled apps appear. Here Select Play services Google and activate it.

Google Play services disable undo

Alternative solutions to disable the Play Services

Who has recognized that there is no use if you let the Google Play disable services, other methods may attempt to conserve battery power. We have compiled a few ways:

  • (A) Check the version of Google Play services. It is the latest of the battery consumption can be protected with an older version may. There are, however, already a newer version, it should be installed. Perhaps Google has corrected some errors and can reduce consumption.

  • (B) Short term reduction in consumption can cause, inter alia, to disable location access. However, can this not permanently shut down, as many apps need to access.

  • (C) A good and quickly realizable option to delete the play services on a regular basis cache and data. This can also be performed in the App info.

  • To disable the Google Play services (d) Instead, helps between time to force stopping the services. The system app will be shut down and restarted.