disable WhatsApp Call: Sun calls are stopped

disable WhatsApp Call: Sun calls are stopped

Who does not want to call via WhatsApp, can a detour function disable WhatsApp Call. A feature to turn off missing so far. read here how to prevent still calls!

[UPDATE of 07/02/15:]

Windows Phone users are now sitting last in the same boat. After the call feature has already been rolled out to Android and iOS in early April, it is almost three months later also appeared on Windows Phones. A few days ago the call feature went live. Who is already sick of the features now, but also searches on this operating system in vain to disable button.

Original Article from 04.07.2015:

Eagerly expected and finally now it’s here: The WhatsApp call function that comes with an update or WhatsApp for Android Download version 2.12.19 to your smartphone. But there are also users who have no desire on this new feature. Can the VoIP function well off?

disable WhatsApp CallWhatsApp Call off: So calls are stopped. (Screenshot: WhatsApp Inc./Redaktion)

disable WhatsApp Call: function is missing so far

Similar to the read receipt WhatsApp has introduced a new feature and are completely forgotten to provide the possibility of shutting down. Here is not necessarily any the function intended. Especially as this draws much data volume when the phone over the air. Even if you do not answer the call, the function will operate on volume. WLAN but the call function is easy. have so long itself does not allow WhatsApp deactivation of users who are WhatsApp calls get on your nerves, two options:

  • Be patient and try to ignore the calls
  • use a trick and clear so any WhatsApp Call
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The following guide shows how the trick works.

Disabling WhatsApp calls about a trick

Users who want to disable the new feature WhatsApp call, you can not just turn off to * call function “button, but unfortunately have to go a slightly circuitous route. Prerequisite for disabling is an older version of WhatsApp, in which the call function is still missing. These are all versions up to 2.11.476.

Gradually remove the call feature

1. Backup: Before one runs an older version of WhatsApp on the smart phone, each user should make a backup of his chats. For this purpose, the user enters WhatsApp via the menu in the settings, then into the chat settings and click here to back-up chat history. Instantly, the backup is created.

WhatsApp Call disable backup(Screenshot: WhatsApp Inc./Redaktion)

2. Uninstall the current version: Are all messages saved, now the version needs to be uninstalled with the call feature. For this, the user goes through the settings of the smartphone to the apps. In this area, the WhatsApp client is usually very far down as the list of apps is alphabetical. Now click WhatsApp and tap the Uninstall button.

WhatsApp call disable, uninstall(Screenshot: WhatsApp Inc./Redaktion)

3. Install Old version: the older version of WhatsApp can now be installed. After download and installation, the user must go through the procedure again with the establishment. The app asks for the phone number and sends an SMS, which must then be confirmed.

4. import backup: After validation, the message should appear in the next step automatically that a backup was found. To record the backup and restore messages, the user clicks on the button Restore. This may take several minutes to complete, depending on how many messages have to be imported.

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5. WhatsApp without Calls: Are all the messages recovered, WhatsApp can now be used without annoying calls. That the WhatsApp Call Disable was successful, can be seen in the “old” layout. The tab structure with the left tab calls is gone. Also, in the chat window of the handset is no longer there at the top of the menu bar.

WhatsApp Call disable versions(Screenshot: WhatsApp Inc./Redaktion)