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With CopyTrans Manager Media Player from Apple are managed. It offers a good alternative to iTunes and is still portable to carry on a USB flash drive or other storage medium.

With CopyTrans Manager download iTunes alternative for users of iPhone, iPod and iPad

The download of CopyTrans Manager is easy and also the subsequent installation on the computer poses no problems. There is also a portable version that can be stored on USB flash drives and does not have to be installed. Thus, the software can be used from any computer. But must be recharged for older iPhones and iPads drivers so that they can also be used with the software.

The skill and functioning of CopyTrans Manager

The software works similar to iTunes for Windows tool: The Adding music, videos, TV shows, podcasts and audiobooks, create and manage playlists, edit the meta tags such as album, artist, etc. and removal as deleting songs and playlists are some of the features available. Simply drag & Drop considering the desired audio files from the hard disk into the user interface of the software and click on the button "update"So that the Apple player updates and changes, that is, save the newly added music or audio files. A more detailed manual in English is available here:

However, it must not be dispensed with iTunes: the CopyTrans Manager Download is outstandingly compatible with iTunes. A parallel use of the two music manager is therefore possible without restrictions. What other software of music management is capable of, you can learn here.

Design and Extra the media player

Visually, the tool does not necessarily convinced: It has a solid and structured user interface, but is not quite as intuitive to use as iTunes in the basic functions. For this, the CopyTrans Manager offers a portable version of the software that can be used without installation on the computer of any computer.

CopyTrans Manager Download

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