Wireless LAN Booster: Optimized wireless surfing

The wireless LAN Booster is a tuning software from bhv that will provide the wireless surfing over Wi-Fi for more speed. These different optimization methods are applied.

Because today's standard wireless protocols are designed for a variety of communication protocols, they usually work on the Internet and local area network (LAN) with lower speeds than would be technically possible. The wireless LAN Booster is a tuning software bhv software, which accelerates the speed of the local network even if is surfed by a wireless device on the Internet. It can also be optimized Bluetooth and GPRS devices.

The increase in speed is measured via an integrated, software-based transfer device and is evaluated graphically. According to the manufacturer an up to 200 percent higher throughput is measured mainly in internet downloads and surfing the web. In a comprehensive analysis process, the optimum data rate is measured using test files in a specially equipped Internet server and optimized until the highest value was found. Through a regular adjustment while browsing the wireless LANBooster then adapted to your browsing habits.

The wireless LANBooster supports the wireless 802.11 b, 802.11 g, Bluetooth, GPRS, Edge and 2.5G and works with all major Internet providers (T-Online, AOL, 1&1, MSN, etc.). A Connection Wizard improves the data transfer rate in a multi-minute process by measuring server on the Internet, with several optimization strategies are used. The DU Meter measures the actual input data transfer rate and displays them graphically. For internal DNS caching, which allows faster access to Web sites, DNS Accelerator provides. There are carried out separate upload / download data throughput tests beyond. Own internal algorithms speed up the processing of traceroute and ping requests. In addition, a network monitor shows the data load on the various Internet channels.

Included with the software available for 19.99 euros in trading in addition to the program CD includes a manual.

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