Fingerprint Reader Security System

Fingerprint Reader Security System

The fingerprint reader security system scans fingerprints and stores it as a BMP file in a database. The free tool also checks the quality of the scanned data.

More security with the Fingerprint Reader Security System Download

There are a variety of security tools for free download, which usually work with the password method. The user assures his PC, specific files, emails or software by entering a password. However, the password protection has his vulnerabilities. For example, passwords – will be cracked quickly – if they are not safe enough or changed regularly. Users who do not want to remember a password for each application and can be, well supplied with this safety program. Of the Fingerprint Reader Security System Download is a complementary tool that, as its name suggests, guaranteed with a different methodology to protect. Here, the entry of a password, but the fingerprint recognition is not used for authentication. In this way it is possible for the users to protect their data or their entire PC in addition. It also serves as a test tool for fingerprint readers.

Fingerprint Reader Security System Download

Requirements for the Fingerprint Reader Security System

Before you can work with the security software, other hardware and software components are required. So the fingerprint tool requires the following conditions:

  • NET Framework: The .NET Framework from Microsoft should be version 2.0. With the download of the framework components are played on the computer that are just necessary to run applications on Windows. The download can be found for free and on this portal.
  • Griaule FingerCap USB driver: This driver is responsible specifically for fingerprint reader and ensures smooth communication between the reader and PC application.
  • Microsoft Fingerprint Reader: The possible alternative, a reader that is compatible with the Reader tool.

Fingerprint Reader Security Systems Download Installation

Easy to use security tool with high safety factor

Was the Fingerprint Reader Security downloaded system, there are only a few steps until you his PC; his notebook or a specific file can thus protect for third parties. The program comes as a ZIP file on the computer and is installed in the next step. When the application is a clear, if a little in the older program window displays. If one has made a fingerprint with the reading device, can be assigned an identification number with the freeware the images. In addition, the users will be able to restrict access or allow.

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