FlashFXP manages connections and file transfers between the local computer and servers based on the FTP protocol. The client once stores equipped routes to the file distribution, thus accelerating the production of the compounds significantly.

Fast server access via FTP by FlashFXP Download

In this manner facilitates FlashFXP both upload current data on web server or backup to network drives. The FTP client is presented with a tidy four-window surface which the displacement of the concerned files by dragging&Drop; easier.

FlashFXP download

Here FlashFXP supports connections that are routed via proxies to the destination server, and also comes with secure data tunnels via SFTP cope. Conveniently, the shareware up on demand, a cruise control, which limits the up- or download speed and so the full range of their own DSL access is exploited prevented. Recently FlashFXP is well timed actions in motion and informed by e-mail after their termination. Furthermore, rules can be set, the files, for example, sorted by modification date or file size transfer. With FlashFXP users access fairly straightforward to multiple servers to simultaneously. The FTP client supports resuming interrupted downloads, offers all standard functions associated with FTP servers and simple operation with drag&drop .;

Limitations of FlashFXP

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