In terms of data protection this Messenger has currently in the lead. How to order a Threema Group Chat created is explained here. Try now! WhatsApp Alternatives are popular. Especially the Messenger service that can boast Warentest especially in terms of data protection for a review of the Foundation threema. All messages are sent only end-to-end encrypted. However, the encryption is not a peer-to-peer connection, but about the threema server. The app is not just for the mobile operating system iOS available (version 5.1.1). Smartphone users with Google's operating system Android threema can download here. A beta version for Windows Phone is also at the start. Threema Group Chat Scope of function threema is similar to WhatsApp roughly. Just like in this short video, photos, locations and voice messages can be sent with threema text messages. And just as the yet-top dogs can organize at threema group chats. How it works and new participants can not be easily integrated into existing group chats why, is explained in the following step-by-step instructions.

Requirements for Group Chat threema

Up to 20 users can participate in a group chat. The requirement is that the participant group chat enabled version installed by threema. Users with non-group chat-enabled version are grayed out in the interface. In the latest Android and iOS versions of this requirement, however, is set. Within a short time can use it to create a group chat. How to create a group chat with threema 1&# 46; stepFirst, the threema app is launched. Create Android users a group chat about the New Group button. IOS is write the message button. 2&# 46; step: After the New Group button is pressed, a list of all friends and acquaintances appear. Now only those have yet to be selected which are to participate in the threema group chat, and away you go. Threema Group Chat iPhone It often occurs in group chats that new members should be added or removed over time. Both are at threema not readily possible. The reason for this lies in the encryption technique uses the threema for the safety of the talks. If a group chat to be extended by one or more participants, so a new group chat must be created. For this the new and old participants have to be invited back. The same applies in the event that a participant should be excluded from a group. Since there is no "group administrator", either of the participants to be excluded, left group chat by deleting it with you on your phone, or vice versa: The other participants leave the threema group chat. In the latter case then a new group chat must be created to which all participants will be re-invited back.