Offline Watching: The Netflix download does not work?

Offline Watching: The Netflix download does not work?

For some time, she enjoys the film and series fans: The download function at Netflix. Finally, even without Internet Better Call Saul & Co. watch. But what if it simply does not work and the Netflix download does not work? This can have several reasons. We went the matter thoroughly. ,

Netflix download does not workProblem: The Netflix download does not work, even though you want to watch offline movies and series. There is help! (Picture: Netflix / pixabay / Editorial)

Netflix download does not work – that you can do!

It was like a blessing, as Netflix finally announced: “Yes, we introduce the offline feature!” After they had actually always said that they wanted to integrate no download feature so that users content to view it Internet without (mobile) , probably the most desired feature was still – for the Netflix app for Android and iOS and now also for the Netflix Windows 10 App. And since then it enjoys immense popularity.


A now quite a large amount of Netflix content can be loaded into the device’s memory through a corresponding download button. Possible that is currently on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets running Android 4.4.2 and iOS 9.0, as well as PCs and tablets running Windows 10 version 1607th

There, the file remains then for a predetermined period, each dependent on the title. Have you even begun to play a downloaded title, you still have 48 hours to watch it to the end before the download expires and your escape back to the stream or have to re-download the file.
So have you no longer have access to an already downloaded tracks, the time period for offline See this title is probably expired.
But sometimes it hooks even before and the Netflix download does not work – and the reasons for this are manifold.

Netflix download does not work download iconDo you see the download icon, a title is normally available for offline mode. (Picture: Netflix)

tested compatibility?

It is the first time that you want to download something with Netflix? Then you must make sure that your device is compatible for.

  • Does your Netflix app for Smartphone or Windows 10? In your browser, the download is in fact not possible, nor about the Apps for game consoles, smart TVs or Chromecast & Co.
  • Is your operating system compatible with the download function?

One clue is always the download arrow next to a song. Do you see this, you can also download the series consequences or the film. Do you not see him, but know that the title is available for download and your system is compatible, it might help to uninstall the app and re aufzuspielen. Perhaps the app version is simply outdated.

An eternal suffering: Memory

You see that the title is available but the Netflix download does not work or breaks off suddenly? Then it may be that your device does not have enough space. Here it helps to remove old downloads or other files. Perhaps you also has a memory card. Then you can download the Netflix simply on this external memory option pass. This is possible but only for Android devices.

In the app settings you can under Downloads the Download location change for future downloads. Previous downloads remain on until then adjusted location.

However, should error 10016-22002 noticeable with you, you have reached the maximum download high plain and simple: 100 individual titles can you namely a maximum on your device to save. Each series episode counts as a title.

Netflix download is not working spaceUp to 100 title you can have in memory at the same time – then it’s over. Mostly, however, before the space breaks down. (Picture: Netflix)

Sometimes is something at the license

Does not work the download of specific content, in other series and movies but it works, then just this content is unlikely to be approved for offline mode. This is in most cases because Netflix does not have the appropriate rights to download and may not offer the title only to the pure stream. In this case, I need you, unfortunately limit for your offline enjoyment on the available downloads and you accordingly choose a different title.

Incidentally, there are also occasional Netflix originals that are not available for download. This is always the case when the title has been produced in collaboration with another studio, which now owns the rights for the download.

Is a title that you necessarily want to see offline, not released for download, you can do this but suggest namely here on the front page proposal from Netflix. The service then checks whether licensing law does not allow to do something here. There you can sometimes suggest entirely new title.

The biggest help: The reinstallation

Repeatedly appear several error messages, even though you’re sure sufficient disk space and general download ability of a title, usually one remedy: You throw the app once the device down to then easily reinstall. Data correction will not be lost because all the information is indeed stored on your account. Only already need your Repeat incurred downloads. As a rule, then heard the problem "the Netflix download does not work" of the past – as long as all conditions above are correct.