Soundation Studio

Soundation Studio

With the Soundation Studio Download can play music directly in your browser of choice experimental users. There are samples, effects and MIDI tracks ready, and even audio recordings to the cloud DAW directly in the browser possible.

Soundation Studio Download with built-in effects

The freeware Soundation Studio is roughly what the Music Maker was the first versions – just timely, online and without installation anywhere in the world in stock. Music tinkerers arrange here either finished sound bites, compose MIDI tracks for internal or external devices, audio tracks take on that are played on a PC or recorded with a microphone, or even all three. The handling of the web app is amazingly comfortable, not least thanks to various shortcuts and undo with Ctrl + Z.

Soundation Studio Download

Although see the integrated effects all look the same, but that is not to happiness. This is actually all on board what the mobile producer needs: filters, reverb, delay, Degrader, Phaser, Distortion, Compressor, EQ, limiter, Fakie, tremolo. The free Web app Soundation Studio looks good, although the full access to the sorted sample database requires a paid premium account. With the free account you at least stores own creations in profile and publish it in a few clicks via SoundCloud. Not just for kids Game: Recommended.

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