Sale on Steam games – is that even possible?

Steam sell games unfortunately does not go, but you can make others happy and give away games. Read now as & others give gifts! On Steam - the online platform for computer games - can purchase thousands of games, then check this and then install to your own computer user. For this must be done in advance, only the free Steam download. Of course, these can then be carried out without problems and played. But users can sell those Steam games? As the following article will show, this is not possible in the real sense in which an actual sale takes place. But there is an alternative way, the guide will show what it is and how it works. Steam sell games

Steam games to sell is generally not possible

distinction must be made between games in their own Steam library and those in Steam inventory first and foremost. Enabled games are in the library and can not be sold afterwards. This is because the activation of the games can not be undone. The link to the Steam account has occurred and is no longer to solve. Other conditions are the games which are only in the games inventory and have not yet been activated. These can be in contrast to the activated with your account, give play special functions to third parties. Potentially, you can here to understand each other on a price and sell in this way Games.

Conditions for the transfer of games

The following requirements must be met if you want a game on Steam sell or pass on:

  • The user must have an active account with Steam
  • The game is in the inventory list and has not yet been activated
  • Give the function Games was deposited in the personal accountSteam games sell inventory

So the passing of a game on Steam works

1&# 46; Step: A user buys a game, but do not check this. It is now in Steam inventory. 2&# 46; Step: can give about the function matches the be passed on to another Steam users not active game. For this, it requires only one active Steam account. Steam games sell gift 3&# 46; Step: you can not sell its Steam games in the real sense. There are officially no fee for this. but each user can agree separately on a price. That remains up to you and can be repeated any number on Steam often.