Newsletter Genius is a flexible tool for sending bulk mails, newsletters and press releases. Receiver one has in the program special properties and personalized shipment so far-reaching. So any known via a receiver information using wildcards in the e-mail text or the subject line can be inserted. In this way, for example, a personal approach can be formulated or about to be told a customer number. Likewise, the format of the email (HTML, text or multipart) can be attached individually to any characteristics of a receiver, such as the e-mail provider of the recipient. Existing receiver data can be imported from virtually any database via ODBC, using the CSV interface also import from applications such as Microsoft Excel. Also, users can send an e-mail to the recipient list and let unsubscribe again. Other features at a glance: • Browse recipient data for invalid and repeatedly occurring e-mail addresses • list of e-mail addresses to which e-mails may be sent ("Robinson list") • Attachments, receiver statistics, returns treatment ("bounces management") • Detailed and easily evaluated Shipping reports

Limitations of Genius Newsletter

limited functionality