Steganos Online Banking

Of the Steganos online banking download offers users a convenient interface to process their banking transactions via the Internet. The shareware conducts transfers and standing orders on, manages multiple accounts and obsolete digital account statements from the bank from.

Steganos online banking Download with current safety standards

Steganos online banking uses a direct connection with 256-bit AES encryption for banking sessions. Current banking standards HBCI and FinTS guarantee secure data transmission. The shareware is compatible with virtually all major banks: In total, more than 3,000 German credit institutions are supported. Warning limits for credit transfers and direct debits, the user defines itself. Practical evaluations also show clearly which pass through movements of money in the account. So, for example, income and expenditure can be represented graphically with a click.

In Steganos online banking also marketed as freeware module Steganos account ticker is integrated. This all account movements leads clearly on a small list view in the system tray. Practically, the privacy mode: As soon as you move the mouse pointer out of the program window of the account-ticker, all values ​​are blurred rendered unreadable until you pull the cursor back to the window. By the way, can be found with Steganos Online Banking Free download a free version of the tools with limited functionality in our software catalog.

Steganos online banking download

Steganos online banking offers a convenient and secure alternative to online banking via browser. Since the shareware establishes a direct connection to the bank, Steganos online banking avoids the potential security risk "browser"Making home banking on the PC more secure.