Of the Shutdown7 download automated shutdown of computers and offers various interesting additional features. Among other things, the freeware allows PC shutdown after a large download or after a certain period of time.

PC timed shutdown with the Shutdown7 Download

The operation of the small, free tools is straightforward. First, the user in Shutdown7 selects the desired action, such as shutting down or rebooting. After that specifies a condition which action to take after their fulfillment. For example, the PC with Shutdown7 is shut down at a certain time or after a process or window is closed. Trigger of the planned shutdowns can also delete a selected file, the completed playing a selection of favorites or a certain time without any user activity.

Shutdown7 download

control PC flexible and targeted

Even while traveling can be controlled flexibly and specifically with the Shutdown7 own PC. For this, the user can access through the web browser to or used his smartphone to log remotely on the PC. A time-controlled wake-up from sleep mode is also possible. Anyone who has trouble falling asleep and like to try to play some music until he sinks into his dreams, has Shutdown7 with a useful resource to hand. This prevents the computer goes through the whole night.

You simply select the desired songs and the PC will turn off after all songs have been played. Here you can set also has music fadeout from when the volume is expected to decrease.