TriDef 3D

TriDef 3D

TriDef 3D upgraded to the third dimension on current computers. With a good graphics card and a 120 Hz monitor stand so future games, movies and pictures in 3D ready.

Gaming and video experience with the TriDef 3D Download

included in the download package, in addition to TriDef Ignition (for games) and the TriDef 3D Media Player TriDef 3D Experience. Requirement for three-dimensional representation of content is in addition to a powerful graphics card and the modern display a so-called shutter glasses. If the hardware is present, it is only a short hop for extended gaming and video experience.

one chooses about the options the display and the desired 3D technology as well as some fine tuning, and you’re set. TriDef 3D promises 3D for movies, videos and pictures. Since different hardware combinations can cause problems sporadically, we recommend a extensive test. The 14-day test period should be enough for it. Many other drivers available for free download are included in our extensive software catalog.

TriDef 3D Download

Limitations of TriDef 3D

14-day trial, on-line activation required

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TriDef 3D Download Editor's Rating