After using the child server PC Sprouts also surf without supervision by the parents safe on the Internet. the young controls to a Web page that is unsuitable for children, instead a note page appears in the browser. Be released after the installation of the free youth protector only sites were identified as suitable for less than 12 years by means of a certain age testing of their suppliers. In addition, the child server opens the way to approved sites that are listed in the special children's search engines fragFINN and blind fold. Who this limitation appears too restrictive, are additional pages freely by means of a so-called white list. This is quite reasonable too, as for example, Google or about Facebook does not have a corresponding share. Ultimately Children server works the way as a simple proxy server, which attaches itself to the network settings and can be bypassed accordingly by knowledgeable PC Kids. Whoever keeps his offspring for clever enough to circumvent such protection should look for alternatives such as JusProg. Children's server for all other parents or day care centers or schools but well worth a look, especially the lock can and my master password are canceled the web guard as addon for Firefox and Google Chrome in the download area is available. In Firefox 17, this plugin, however, did not install what can currently appear somewhat doubtful the value of the extension.