Deezer terminate and delete account: Find it online!

Deezer terminate and delete account: Find it online!

terminate Deezer and again free streaming music: Learn to how to unsubscribe the subscription either from iTunes, Facebook, a mail client or mobile operator!

Who remembers after downloading the Deezer app and the conclusion of a paid subscription that Spotify or Apple Music but have larger music selection, should adopt fastest from the service. The good news: The procedure allows to angle online easily – at least in most cases.

By default, terminate Deezer

All who have completed the Deezer subscription directly from the provider can terminate on the site of the provider on the computer back it. Once you have logged in, you will find the currently used offer of payment, and the bills already submitted here. In the lower area you will find the option to terminate Deezer. Following a new mask whose fields are mandatory opens. With the confirmation of the information the termination is active.

terminate DeezerSimply go to the website Deezer notice. Image: Deezer.

Special cases of termination

Who has come in another way to a Deezer subscription, termination on the provider must submit. Below there is a tutorial for the four most common collaborations over which Deezer subscribers wins:

1. Termination via iTunes

In a contract for iTunes is first in the preferences of iTunes & App Store opened. After logging in with the Apple ID, select and manage subscriptions must be chosen. Now the Deezer subscription is selected and the automatic extension disabled.

2. Termination via Facebook or Goolge +

Was the subscription via Facebook or Goolge + completed termination is analogous to the standard termination. However, entering the correct password during the registration is necessary. If you have not ready this can here be applied for a new one.

3. Termination on the mobile operator

Above all, Vodafone attracted customers with a free Deezer subscription or lower monthly cost. Who would not want to take advantage of this offer, must apply directly to the mobile service provider in this case. In most cases, done by the appropriate service.

4. Termination via GMX or WEB.DE

Who wants to terminate at e-mail providers Deezer procedure similar to the mobile operators. Users here need to contact the appropriate Customer Service ([email protected] or [email protected]). Alternatively, the subscription may be terminated in the respective customer after registration in the e-mail account.

is free after termination Deezer or delete the account

Upon termination, the user account remains in place and can still be used in the free version. Whoever does not want to, you can simply delete the PC’s account. After logging in, the circle is clicked to the top right and select Settings. At the bottom under my data, the option is to delete the profile.