Stromberg Stream: all seasons of the comedy series online

Stromberg Stream: all seasons of the comedy series online

in the Stromberg Stream it’s all about the normal office madness of insurance and their employees. At the center of the German comedy series of the egocentric boss Bernd Stromberg, essentially pursues its own interests is. We tell you where it is to see the award-winning television series online and whether Stromberg is available at Netflix after downloading the Netflix app and via Amazon Prime in the series and movie flat rates. Below everything worth knowing about Stromberg online!

Stromberg Stream: Chef cynics as tragicomic figure

Between 2004-2012 five Stromberg squadrons were produced and broadcast on ProSieben. This is an adaptation of the British series "The Office", By crowdfunding project also money was collected for a movie, the title from February 2014, the "Stromberg – the film" ran. Bernd Stromberg (Christoph Maria Herbst) is the head of the department claims settlement M to Z of the fictional Capitol insurance, the office life is accompanied by a television crew with the camera.

Stromberg StreamStromberg Stream: Getting the award-winning comedy series online?"

Stromberg as chief cynic and tragicomic figure

Stromberg harassed his subordinate colleagues and never misses an intrigue to appear even with his superiors in the best light and to go up the career ladder of the company to the top. Here Stromberg will come behind the facade of the chief cynic often the tragicomic figure, whose mental problems and uncertainties clearly. He thinks he’s a perfect boss with a compassionate and human relationships with its employees. However, he has a lack of social and professional skills in reality.

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Grand finale with the Stromberg Season 5 and a movie

The Stromberg Season 1 ran from October to December 2004 and the Stromberg Season 2 from September to November 2005. In the spring of 2007, the Friends of the comedy series about the Stromberg Season 3 were able to enjoy and the end of 2009 to the Stromberg Season 4 – each on the free TV channel ProSieben. The grand finale to the Stromberg Season 5 was followed in November 2011th

The fans regretted very much that there was more despite repeated indications of a sequel to any Stromberg Season sixth Instead, they were able to enjoy film in which the entire Capitol employee goes on a company outing, after all, on the Stromberg. At a press conference in 2013 Producer Ralf Husmann finally announced that there will be no further Stromberg seasons more after the release of the movie.

Stromberg Stream Netflix and Amazon Prime available

Who wants to see Stromberg online and a film-Flatrate Netflix or Amazon Prime has will be thrilled: Stromberg Netflix has all five seasons to have as well as through Amazon Prime. Moreover, the current mountain stream can be purchased via iTunes charge.

Where is the Stromberg movie in the stream?

Who is not looking for the TV series, but the Stromberg film in the stream will find it also in Amazon Prime and Netflix within the free flat rate. In addition, this Stromberg online stream of iTunes and Google Play is available for a fee.