Google Play Store does not work anymore - that's to do 2023

Google Play Store does not work anymore – that’s to do

Problem: Google Play Store is not working more – so that no app downloads & Updates. Here are some tips that can help. fix fix now! If the Play Store herumzickt on the smartphone, constantly crashes or refuses to download apps, which is pretty annoying. A shift to the Google Play Store Download in the Web browser could help – at least if you just want to just browse. But a replacement is not natural. In the following various tips are presented to bring the app up and running again.

Google Play Store is not working – no apps, no updates

do the apps now and then problems is annoying – the Play Store, however, even more than others. If the Google Play Store does not work, apps will not receive regular updates and browse for new games and applications is also there. The following list of tips and tricks should help set the store again. Google Play Store is not working

Solutions to problems with the Google Play Store

The Google Play Store does not work anymore? No panic. We have put together some solutions that make the marketplace again functional. restart If it has not already tried anyway: A restart of the smartphone is always the first recommendation. Sometimes the application at startup has just slept or hiccups. Google Play Store cache does not work Clearing the Cache Often is also the cache that has passed too many temporary files, is responsible for the error. To empty it, can be found under the Settings area Apps or Manage applications. There, select the Google Play Store and then tap Clear Cache. Store Reset by Clear Data Has that does not work, there is a similar variant. Select first again under apps in the Google Play Store, the same screen will appear. Here, touch this time to delete data. Thus, the store is reset to its installation state. Google Play Store is not working-delete data Uninstall updates the store When the marketplace is not entirely to be reset, including the following trick may help. The user goes back to the same window, but now click Uninstall updates. In order for the app is therefore just one step reset – almost to the state before the last update. Clear the cache of Google pay services When not working, even after the first four solutions of the Google Play Store, you try one instance higher. Instead of going under apps in the store, click on Google Play services. There now empty the cache. Google Play Store is not working Download Manager Download manager All attempts so far been unsuccessful, the problem may be with the download manager eventually. This can also be found under Apps or All applications. appears near the top, whether that is active. If not, tap here Enable. Remove Google Account from your phone The next trick is a bit more complicated. Under Settings, call the Account settings and including Google. Select the Play Store also used the account, and remove the account from the menu. Then reboot the phone and add the deleted account. For this again accounts and account Add call. Google Play Store is not working account Resetting your smartphone Is the problem still: The Google Play Store is not working, there is a last lifeline: Reset the smartphone. Here, since all data is deleted, a backup should first be made. Then under Settings securing the area & Select Reset. Then tap Factory data reset and confirm reset via the button telephone. After the end of the process, the backup can be restored.

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