All major badminton rules at a glance

the official badminton rules are quite complicated in detail. For all badminton beginners and recreational athletes, we therefore summarize the most important badminton rules together short and crisp. learn more here and just play badminton!

The badminton rules in an understandable summary

Badminton, as a recreational sport also called badminton is played indoors with two or four people with bats and a shuttlecock. The player tries to hit the shuttlecock so into the opponent's box that the opponent does not play it back before the ball touches the ground. Hard to believe: It is the fastest ball sport in the world with a top speed of over 250 km / h. There is a thick badminton rules, which is, however, especially for tournament players is important. For the amateur athletes it is enough to know the basic rules of badminton. We summarize below summarizes the most important points. Another tip: If you want to perform a badminton tournament, can use the double-whacked tournament system download this.

Playing field and serve

Badminton is usually played in the hall. If the ball touches the ceiling during the game, this is a failure. The playing field has a length of 13.40 meters and a width of 6.10 meters (in single 5.18 m). The net height is the post 1.55 meters and is minimally lower in the middle. The lines are considered part of the playing field. On serve, there is a difference between singles and doubles: Single of the impact from the front service line must be carried up to the rear base line, whereas must land between the front and rear service line in double the shuttlecock.

badminton rulesBadminton Rules: All important information at a glance

Beginning and page selection

When the game begins, a draw who has the page selection or the first service takes place. Typically by one player throws a ball high and badminton player who pointed to the cork base of the spring ball, has the first choice on impact and side choice. the two players change sides after each completed set. Who won a set, also in the following sentence the right to serve.

Counting and right to serve

The impact is performed alternately from the right and from the left service court diagonally and must be played in the field of the opponent. Previously, only the server shall scored points, but after the launched since the 2006/2007 season, the so-called "Rally Point-counting" A point is awarded for each recovered rally. The player who has the previous rally in his favor, obtained the right to serve. As an error when the shuttlecock is hit into the net or off or touches the ground in their own half true.

Not playing and winning the game

The tournament players there is a break of up to one minute once in a sentence the leading party has 11 points on the board. another break of two minutes maximum occurs between two sentences. It will be played to 21 points per set two winning sets. A set is won when a player reaches 21 points, while has at least two points more than his opponent. If this is not the case, the sentence lasts until one of the competitors leads with 2 points or scored 30 points.