Duke Nukem Forever

Duke Nukem Forever was for years as a symbol of vaporware par. After more than 10 years of development, the software company 2K Games but has kept its word and now it is finally: The Duke is back! Duke Nukem Forever has action and shooting pure fun. As always, the blond giant with the black sunglasses and a large arsenal of weapons must save the world from destruction. This time have done alien invaders back all the work and take little by little for world domination. Only the Duke is the Schweinecops and giant aliens still under way. In single-player mode, Duke Nukem Forever again waits to fire heavy weapons such as the shrink gun or the BFG. The shooting orgies are loosened by a linear storyline, small mini-games and free spacious and black humor. In addition, the full version of Duke Nukem Forever also offers numerous multiplayer modes for perfect fun on the net. Duke Nukem Forever brings back to life on the PC the genre of FPS. The long development time it shows graphically the Duke of hard and this has certain advantages for owners of older hardware. Even at lower clocked dual core computers with 3D graphics cards of the middle class to Duke Nukem Forever plays first class. Note: The download of the demo requires the installation of Steam.