Dupehunter Professional

Dupehunter Professional makes duplicate files on the computer detect and remove them as needed from the hard drive. The shareware scoured not only the media in single-user computers, but also takes the drives local networks under the microscope. To speed up this search method Dupehunter Professional offers a range of filters to narrow your operations. Thus, for example, only files of a particular data type or modification date investigate. The tool also excluded at the request of individual drives of the checks. Any settings stores the program for later re calling from as well. Here Dupehunter Professional examined the data not only based on their file names, but also includes tools to check in various checksums. Thanks to this operation, the shareware also recognizes images duplicates. Furthermore, the search engine applies any existing access restrictions to one and thus recognizes whether documents were illegally stored at actually forbidden locations. Dupehunter Professional is complemented by tools to encrypt and secure delete the files.

Limitations of Dupehunter Professional

30 day trial.