Plague Inc.

in the Plague Inc. Download the tables are finally turned around again: Instead of slipping into the role of a boring hero who saves the world, the gamer becomes a disease with which he intended to wipe out the entire human race. This not only sounds weird and failed - it requires the player also great tactical skill from. A successful mix of strategy and simulation game with extremely realistic course.

Plague Inc. Download infected world of mobile phone users

The Pandemic game from Ndemic Creations has completely infected the world of mobile devices. Developed in May 2012, initially for iOS game was released six months later also for Android devices. Since then it has spread like wildfire and was more than 200 million times gambled. The critically acclaimed Plague Inc. Download brings a winning combination of strategy and simulation on Android and iOS devices. The game, which translates Plague AG is, makes the player to a pathogen to destroy with the aim of humanity.

Plague Inc. Download

Plague Inc. makes gamers to deadly pathogens

To become the greatest threat to mankind, the user assumes the role of a dangerous disease. He is assisted by various types of diseases, for example, Viruses, bacteria, parasites or chemical weapons disposal, he must employ sent. The game also has different game modes available, ranging from simple above normal, Brutal to mega Brutal. Single-handedly gamers now enters against the entire world's population and it must extinguish before the disease detected and a cure is found.

Plague Inc. Download dissemination

Strategy game requires from tactical skills of the disease

Each of pathogens reacts differently. In other words, the choice of the agent changed the strategy. It is also crucial where the player starts by downloading Plague Inc. by exposing his illness. A not well developed country with good infrastructure could be useful for example for dissemination. In addition, the player as the game has to ensure that his virus or bacterium is resistant and gets a higher Übertagbarkeit. He achieved by collecting DNA points. Which in turn are there if the spread continues, people die or new countries are infected. What is the strategy of players in Plague Inc. also continues, he should always keep the course and the reactions of the world's population in mind. So it happens that the opponent (humanity here) as is known by a variety of good strategy games software can also begin to strike back. In this case, that would be the development of a cure. Therefore, the gamer should try to keep its pandemic as long as possible secret.

Plague Inc. Download disease

he can follow the world and daily events through the media. Thus, the entire trappings, distributed, including current issues and events via messages in the media. From this, the gamer can draw conclusions for its next steps. By the way: Plague comes every now and then with a twinkling eye around the corner. Those who follow closely the world events can look forward Notch among other things parody of Justin Bieber, Minecraft, Apple or the game developer.