What’s WLAN TO GO? Facts & Benefits at a Glance

According to Telekom, it is the world's largest HotSpot network. But What is Wi-Fi TO GO I agree? We have all the facts, conditions & Benefits at a glance. Now make smart and take advantage of hotspots.

The mobile internet coverage will be promoted in Germany - Deutsche Telekom wants to achieve this with its offer Wi TO GO. However, not everyone can easily access the WLAN. Interesting is the model for Telekom customers who call a & Surf or Entertain tariff possess. The latter can mithinnehmen example, downloading the Entertain to go app anywhere.

What's WLAN TO GOWhat's WLAN TO GO - here Gibt's all the facts

What's WLAN TO GO? Everywhere free HotSpots

The long-term goal of Deutsche Telekom is that the user must make the future no more worrying about how exactly he is actually connected to the network. For this, a development of networks and a combination of fixed, wireless and mobile communications is necessary. Telekom has therefore teamed up with Fon, the company owns several million hotspots in about 100 countries the world's largest Wi-Fi network. In addition, the Telekom since 2013 expanding its HotSpots, about 2.5 million are newly added. Thus the gaps in network coverage to be more and more closed.

As far as the preliminary - but what's WLAN TO GO now exactly?So that the coverage of the network progresses, provide users with WLAN TO GO their native wireless available to others. In return, they will receive free access to millions of hotspots. Who is concerned that its WLAN is throttled and he no longer receives the full power can be reassured. Other users get "just" the unused bandwidth.

What's WLAN TO GO EntertainRequirement for WLAN TO GO is a Entertain or Call & Surf tariff

Requirements for the WLAN TO GO

Those who want to use the services of Telekom, customer must be at Telekom. The offer can be either via the Call & hinzubuchen Surf tariff or the Entertain package. So the user needs:

  • a) an IP-based connection of the Telekom
  • b) the router Speedport W724V - this is to go WiFi capability

The client will incur no subscription costs, the addition of Book is free of charge. produced only one-time cost for the router and connection.

What is Wi-Fi router TO GOThis router is required for the WLAN TO GO

How the wireless range

What's WLAN TO GO for Telekom customers? As already indicated, provide Telekom customers who have booked the offer, their Internet for other users available for free. As a "reward" you get access to the hotspots of other clients.

is dissolved Technically by the particular router. This is able to build two wireless networks: one for local customers and one for users other than to-go solution.

How secure is the wireless TO GO?

Of course one of the most important issues related to the safety. Who makes its network available, will not remain unprotected attackers. In this regard, users need not worry.

Firstly, both networks are completely separated. Those who access the WLAN TO GO, does not reach the home network of the terminal owner. In addition, the networks are protected by personalized access. Also in relation to abuses you have to worry about. Who makes the network available, can not be held liable for actions of other users.

Benefits of Wireless TO GO

In addition to the question: What is Wi-Fi TO GO, and the advantages, of course, are especially interesting. These points speak for the addition of Book:

  • The user can access to millions HotSpots for free (hotspots Fon and Telekom)
  • So that the user gets unlimited Internet use no matter where he is
  • High-speed wireless home without sacrificing performance