An inventory management program, small businesses, one-person and self-employed benefit from in many ways. This inventory management program will help not only in the major business processes such as product, customer, vendor and invoice management, but created a button offers and orders. eazySales uses a SQL database. The key features of eazySales: &# 45; Category, item and inventory management &# 45; Customer and supplier management &# 45; Rechnung- and credit management &# 45; Quote and order creation at your fingertips &# 45; Open items and reminder management &# 45; Cooperation with Webshop eazyShop &# 45; Multiuser (Network-compatible) &# 45; Option of importing products and customers via CSV &# 45; Export possibility of articles, customers, booking data, shipping logistics data &# 45; Article addicts Best Offers &# 45; Support of discounts on individual items &# 45; integrated mail services &# 45; SQL database, therefore good import and export options of records &# 45; Backup options installed &# 45; Powerful, trouble-productive use with over 220,000 articles in 65 categories &# 45; adjustable currency &# 45; WebShop API can be downloaded for free

Limitations of eazySales

Terms of WebSop API is chargeable