Ammyy Admin

Ammyy Admin is a reliable and secure remote control software. Remote systems can thus be conveniently remote controlled from your own PC. Network computers and servers are managed with Ammyy Admin from a distance, without any problems of firewalls. can be anywhere at any time retrieve via remote desktop connection files and documents from your office computer and activate the software over the Internet with the freeware. Also, online presentations or distance learning can be carried out quite easily. All materials are beamed with Ammyy Admin directly to the screens of the participants in the virtual classroom. Communication is via voice chat in real time. is also a comfortable file manager, which allows you to retrieve files from remote PCs quickly and easily on board. In terms of data security is on Ammyy Admin reliable. The freeware offers various authentication settings with options manually enable remote access, based on defined computer IDs or by assigning a password. All options use a hybrid encryption algorithm (AES and RSA). Ammyy Admin can start PCs and servers from a distance and includes new options for registration and deregistration and change of user. This is especially useful for system administrators and saves time.