Music free download with Songr

Tucked away on thousands of servers store countless music files - usually untraceable. While there are specialized music search engines, but each one to use is more than awkward. But help is at hand.

Music free - Lord of the search engines

After the fall of the great sharing of music download is experiencing a revival on the proven HTTP protocol. Specialized music search engine graze server the songs you want, and link it for the download. The problem: Not only is there such a search agent. The freeware Songr provides central access to the most important MP3 search engines and provides a comfortable search interface ready. With Songr can be reached quickly and easily to the desired music. Additionally, the tool more features brings. Which they are, check out this article. Let yourself be surprised...

Music free download with Songr

Important: It is not excluded that Songr also tracks songs from prohibited sources. You must therefore have the permission to download the songs. Or you need to download content that is free of rights.

  • Download Songr Install and launch it. Songr settings

  • First, you should modify the directory where the songs Songr stores. Click to file, settings and switch to the tab Downloads. Call Choose folder ... on, select the download destination and click OK. Put another check mark in front Always apply this directory and a second click OK. Songr

  • Click in the search box at the top right and select whether you want to search for a song, artist or album complete. In our example, we look for a single track. Enter the artist name and click on the magnifying glass icon.

  • If Songr is find anything, click on the appropriate title with the right mouse button. Now you can play it, download or play a preview.

Other features of Songr

Songr YouTube DownloaderWith Songr you will not only instantly to your favorite music; other features make the tool an all-rounder. about file, Download From Youtube reach a YouTube Downloader. He captures you YouTube videos either as a video file (MPG format) or in audio format (MP3) to your hard drive. Useful is also the music search using lyrics fragments. Try it! click on Search music via Lyrics, be a part of the song text and press Search. As you can see, it is with Songr a lot easier to get on music than with the manual search engine.

Music record instead download

An alternative to MP3 download is the inclusion of Web radio. With this method, you are legally on the latest top songs. Further to this, see this article:

  • Audio Recorder Freeware record what you hear We wish you an enjoyable music fun!