Customize Microsoft Edge Settings: How It Works

The Microsoft Edge settings offer interesting ways to customize the new browser from Microsoft targeted to their own desires - so for example, change page and import bookmarks. We reveal the most important tips & Tricks!

Microsoft Edge customize settings: Design, favorites, home and Reading View

The user reaches the Microsoft Edge settings after Microsoft Edge download via the three small dots at top right. With another click on Settings opens a window with the critical options. The Windows 10 user selects the desired design, can activate a favorites bar, import their bookmarks from another browser and determine the home. He also determines which page to open new tabs. It can also delete unnecessary data and browser completely customize the style of reading view, and the font size to your own wishes.

Below all major Microsoft Edge settings in detail:

Select design

There are two alternatives to the Windows 10 style - light and dark. By default, the new Microsoft browser presented in bright optics. If you prefer the chic dark design, selects this.

Show Favorites Bar

In Microsoft Edge to the Favorites bar can be switched on with a mouse click in and out. By default, it is hidden. Who enabled display the Favorites bar option can drag and drop bookmarks to the Favorites bar, and save them.

Microsoft Edge settingsMicrosoft Edge settings: Favorites bar single mouse click and hide (Picture: editorial)

import favorites from other browsers

the bookmarks of other browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome can be imported with the option favorites from other browsers fairly straightforward in Microsoft Edge import. Simply select the desired browser. All available bookmarks are displayed in Microsoft Edge on the Import button and the user has in his visits to the Internet his usual bookmarks at hand.

Open with

Under the item Open with one determines to start with which side Edge. There are four options: Home, New Tabseite, previous pages, specific page (s). Who selects the latter, given the proposals MSN and Bing, but can also be used with Custom any other side.

Microsoft Edge settings HomeWhich side edge to start? (Picture: editorial)

Clear browser data

Here the user clicks on the Select channel to be deleted item. Preset the delete proposals browser history, cookies, and stored website data and cached data and files. you can also add download history, form data and passwords for deletion if desired. Show A click on More offers additional cleaning options for the browser: media licenses, pop exceptions permissions for position data, full screen and compatibility permissions permissions.


Under the option Read the user selects the style of reading view. By default, light, medium, and there are four possibilities. In addition, the font size in the read view can be set optionally small, medium, large and very large.

Microsoft Edge settings Reading ViewFont size in the reading view set (Image: editorial)

Advanced settings

Show A click on the Advanced Settings provides several other fine adjustments, among other things, cookies, Cortana, data protection and services. we provide information about these additional Microsoft Edge settings in the following guide: customize Microsoft Edge: Advanced Settings