WordPerfect Office

The office suite Corel WordPerfect Office includes a word processor, a spreadsheet and an e-mail and presentation software. The office suite has been used for over 30 years. Great emphasis is placed on compatibility. The software supports more than 60 file types including the latest Microsoft Office file formats. It can be files in the formats of Word, Excel and PowerPoint, including the latest OOXML versions (.docx, .xlsx, .pptx) open, edit and save. Even with the Open Document Format (ODF) Corel WordPerfect Office can cope quite well. The classic control characters function ensures in Corel WordPerfect Office that it retains control over the formatting of the documents. The control characters, documents can format quickly and easily. Worth mentioning are the built-in PDF features and options for file sharing. The office suite Corel WordPerfect Office offers some interesting opportunities to work easily with other users.

Limitations of WordPerfect Office

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