What threema costs you have to expect?

What threema costs you have to expect?

threema costs confuse new users, but the secure Messenger is cheaper than competitors in the long run. Find out here how much he really cost!

Since increasingly loud criticism of data security different messenger interest in encrypted communication increases. Some vendors have therefore focused on sending encrypted messages. Stiftung Warentest has tested several services and came to the frightening conclusion: Only threema applies for data protection as uncritical, many other services were classified as very critical. Whether threema on Apple devices or threema for Android, the app is safe on all devices and easy to install.

Threema installation costs

The Messenger from Switzerland guarantees complete end-to-end encryption for all data sent. However, when installing the Messenger, unlike many competitors, not free. At first glance terribly the threema costs some users from, while the encryption artist is anything but expensive. threema costs The app is available in several stores, but costs in all cases less than 2 euros. Link users pay two Swiss francs for the file so vary the cost of threema, depending on the exchange rate to the range of 1.65 euros. In the Play Store for Android, the app against the fixed fee of 1.60 euros. Owners of Apple devices pay slightly more, the application is priced at 1.79 euros iTunes. These are Prices that are still acceptable even for a small budget. The cost is a one-time purchase fee. There are no annual fees as they arise at all WhatsApp users from the second year. In this sense, to communicate conveniently with threema permanently. One thing should be noted: Although the actual sending messages with the Messenger is free, but the Service uses for data transmission, the Internet connection of the device. So others can Costs consumed data volume arise. However, this will depend on the conditions of the cell phone contract and would be incurred in case of doubt with all VoIP providers.

Are there any additional costs for the reinstallation of threema?

But what happens when you delete the app accidentally reset the phone or switch to a smartphone with another operating system? In the first two cases, the re-installation of the Messenger is free. If the app from iTunes purchased it stands in using the same Apple ID for free ready to install. The same applies to users who have come to threema through the Google Play Store. Here, only the same Google account must be used. Even Android owners who have the application directly by the manufacturer may install the messenger with the existing license key free again. More threema costs only when switching between Android and iOS. The operating systems refer the application from different sources and so far no cross-business customer identification is established, but that should not put anyone at that price.