TextMaker Viewer

The free TextMaker Viewer displays documents of many common formats without the associated program should be installed. In addition, TextMaker Viewer converts all formats displayed by pressing a button in PDFs. The file viewer displays files on request in full-screen and can even be used for presentations as in doubt. Alternatively, two pages side by side can represent. The zoom function enlarges individual areas of documents and automatically adjusts the zoom accordingly. Incidentally, non-printable characters, such as Line breaks and free characters are displayed, and a ruler is also available. The following file types can optionally be viewed quickly and easily converted to PDF format, printed or sent via e-mail - or even all at once. Supported input formats: ■ docx, docm (Microsoft Word 2007) ■ sxw (OpenOffice.org/StarOffice text) ■ dotx, .dotm (Microsoft Word 2007 templates) ■ RTF (Rich Text Format) ■ doc (Microsoft Word 6.0 to Word 2007) ■ psw Pocket Word (Pocket PC) ■ dot (Microsoft Word templates 6.0 to 2007) ■ pwd (Pocket Word handheld PC) ■ tmd (text Maker 6.0 to 2008) ■ htm, html (HTML documents) ■ odt (Open document text) ■ txt text files (DOS, Windows, Unicode, UTF-8)