Moorhuhn X 2023

Moorhuhn X

At the Moorhuhn X Download the heavily endangered poultry makes a trip to the country. This time the winged targets flutter through an autumnal landscape full of filth.

Moorhuhn X Download – The hunt continues

Here are the grouse car wrecks, disused ovens and similar junk as a hiding place, making the hunt for the grouse any easier. Nevertheless, grouse X, the principle remains the same: One minute, eight cartridges in the gun and a high score who wants to be cracked. The free version of the XS-grouse X is limited to a playable level of the popular shooting game. More fun promises the paid XXL version of Moorhuhn X.

Moorhuhn X Download

Hidden Highlights in the digital henhouse

The grouse X Download released in May 2003 and the grouse fans could go to one and a half year break uncontrollably chase chickens. There were things to discover some hidden highlights in digital henhouse. However, the focus of the developers was a straightforward, entertaining shoot-to grouse and at the highest possible chicken count. On principle, little has changed compared to the classic fast Ballerspielen: chicken fly through the air and stretched mercilessly down with targeted salvos from the rifle of the hunter,

90 seconds for the hunter

This time, the Moorhuhn not only flies through the area, but can be killed on the ground also in the race. remain as usual the hunter 90 seconds to complete his task as well as possible and shoot down as many chickens. Compared to the grouse classics to grouse X presented in a new design with optically modified chickens along with new puzzles and figures.

  GTA 1

Successor to the PC shooting game of 1999

In the Virtual grouse shooting is a PC action game from 1999 that was originally designed as a promotional game for the Scottish whiskey brand Johnnie Walker. The shoot ’em up to the flying grouse became very popular in Germany and at times even regarded as a threat to operating revenues, since sold their time with the casual game whole flocks of office workers.

Moorhuhn X Download shooting game

Available grouse X as WinApp

Moorhuhn X is now 8 and 10 also available in a version for Windows. The paid WinApp offers nothing really new, but a nice entertainment under the new Windows operating systems. Again, the grouse all trying to get in front of the players as quickly as possible to safety, but this is rarely successful. The grouse hides example, in an old oven, flees into a toilet cottage or dresses up as a sunflower, to escape the hunters. The grouse have thus won over the beginning of the shooting game clear of intelligence and the player has to be a little more careful. Not only blind Geballere is announced. More Shooters for free download are available in our extensive software offering.