Movie4k alternative: free & legal streams

Movie4k alternative: free & legal streams

Looking for a Movie4k alternative, because the site is down again or gray the gray area yet? Here Gibt’s free streaming options for law-abiding users. shake gently now!

Even if you only streams on the portal, so no real makes download, and it therefore “only” moves in a gray zone, these dubious sites like Movie4k are not recommended. Easy also because they are the safest not necessarily and you can capture may viruses or Trojans. Therefore, we prefer: LEGAL, SECURE AND FREE!

Movie4k alternativeMovie4k alternative – free and legal streaming portals

A Movie4k alternative must not cost anything

For this reason, we will also recommend any streaming portals at this point who drive a similar strategy. Of course, we know that it is incredibly tempting to enjoy movies that just in the cinema, at home on the couch for free. Who can agree with you that will continue. However, we do not want to support this because we want to live on this great cinema culture in the future. And free also works differently.

Free alternatives for Movie4k

We would not deny that alternatives just have to make a few compromises in one of the following Movie4k at this point. So you have to be as wait a little longer until you get the hit films over streams. But honestly: The film and series scenery is as huge as it should not be difficult to find replacements.

1. Power Cinema:

On the film fan will find a large repertoire of films from different genres. The movies can be streamed completely legal and free there. among others, the following categories are on board: Love movies, fun, thriller, children Prickelkino (Love & Eroticism), SciFi, Horror, etc. In addition, you can browse in “Popular”, “recommendations” or “New”. And then there is still so great categories such as “The trashiest movies of all time” – great!

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Movie4k alternative cinema networkNetwork Cinema: Great film offer

2. Myvideo / YouTube / Clipfish:

YouTube is anyway the most popular video portal. As most people know, not infrequently found there also videos of entire movies and series. Just looking a bit scour. The situation is similar at MyVideo and Clipfish. Where you have to look right here. Although MyVideo has a huge range – much of it you get only a rental fee.

Movie4k alternative MyvideoType Siche video portals also have film and series material


A super Movie4k alternative that comes along with a really interesting concept. The portal all blockbusters are made available, of which the copyright has expired license. Here you can probably just drive browsing – it can be found safe some great strips.

Movie4k Alternative ArchiveInteresting concept and a good alternative for Movie4k

Test Months paid providers

Who does not want to do without hot series hits and cutting-edge movies, then you have probably still shake gently to paid streaming services. The advantage is that the user receives top quality, is not penetrated with advertising and also does not risk of catching malware etc.

Before you opt for one of the subscriptions, you can first few weeks – in fact hold about four months -free water. As? Through the free trial phases. The following streaming providers have these test periods:

  • Amazon Prime: A perfect Movie4k alternative – huge range of films and series. In addition, you can use Amazon Music and the benefits of the Prime shipping. Prime the user for 30 days can test free of charge.
  • maxdomeThe offer can be checked for a month through its paces.
  • Netflix: Even Netflix provides a free month. Is virtually at the service also that you can share with friends and an account – this is the film and series repertoire for bargains.
  • Watch EverThe user also receives here 30 days for testing.
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Movie4k Alternative Amazonsavor test Months fee-based services

This would have so then secured the next four months for free. TIP: If you want to have no subscription after the trial period, should pay attention to terminate the services also timely.