Kik find contacts and start flirting. It’s that easy!

Familiar and new Kik contacts For: We'll tell how to chat or even without a phone number with his friends can find a hot flirt. learn more here!

The download of Kik Messenger is interesting for many, as the Messenger can only be used with a user name and a valid e-mail address. The verification is so simple and user can chat anonymously and send images or messages. The downside: contacts can not easily track how the competitor WhatsApp, simply access the phonebook of your smartphone.

Kik contactsKik contacts: Friends and meet new people. (Picture: Kik interactive)

Well-known traditional Kik contacts

There are several ways to add friends and family on the Messenger:

  1. If you know the nickname of the contact, it can simply be entered via the free text field of the Messengers.
  2. It scans the Kik code (a kind of round QR Code) to the smartphone camera. To do this select in the settings the Your Kik Code option, and then click the camera icon. Alternatively, the microscope can be tapped and scan a code Kik option be chosen. Here codes can be scanned and Kik contacts are added.
  3. The third variant is the so-called telephone or address book synchronization. To select the privacy option in the chat settings and select Address Book matching or Use Phone Contacts. However, this possibility only works with contacts that also have this option enabled.

make new friends & start flirting

Who is more likely to meet new people from, can find contacts through various channels new Kik. Especially when combined with various social media of the Messenger is an abundant source of new friends or tingling Flirts. Also in the comments of stores that offer the Messenger download, numerous contact willing users find. Here are the best ways to make new acquaintances.

1. Stores

Regardless of what device is used Kik, which stores the different operating systems are a treasure trove of new contacts. Simply enter the search function Kik and browse through the comments and ratings for App. This is possible here:

  • Google Play Store
  • iTunes
  • Microsoft Store

2. Social Media

Social media is a great way to meet new people. For example, here:

  • Instagram: Among the following hashtags many interesting contacts at: #kik #kikmessenger #kikmessage #kikplease #kiknames #kik_names
  • Facebook: Even in the comments on the page of the app, as well as in the group Kik contacts to users of the messenger can find and write.

3. Search on spec

Lastly, there is also the opportunity to easily try out different nicknames. To click on the magnifying glass, select the Find People option and let his imagination run wild.