Spread the sign

Spread the sign

Of the Spread the sign download makes equally as a dictionary as a learning aid for sign language useful. Using the free web app make interested terms to locate in a total of 16 languages.

Spread the sign download as a learning aid for sign language

Specifically, these are Swedish, British English, American English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Estonian, Lithuanian, Icelandic, Latvian, Polish, Czech, Japanese and Turkish. Typed to the search pattern in the search for Spread the sign, which finds appear in seconds, which also related terms are listed. In addition, a bar with country flags indicates where the supported sign languages, the term for calling is available.

After clicking on the desired flag Spread the sign displays in the form of a video, as the term in question is translated into the appropriate language. At least in part, are also audio files ready to play, which clarify the pronunciation of foreign languages. Finally explains Spread the sign, the sign language of the alphabet implementation of the respective languages.

Spread the sign download