SymMover moves programs, folders and files dynamically between hard drives and SSDs back and forth. The freeware pretends it before Windows that the data is still located at the original location. SymMover is very useful when space on the hard drive or SSD. With a few clicks you move data from one drive to another, without losing the links of the operating system because the helper stored references to the new location. In this way, scooping up disk space on the source drive. Per menu it is defined in the free SymMover which programs or folders to be moved to another NTFS drive. The freeware shows in how much space is free on the hard drive and how much space on the destination drive after the action still remains. Shifted programs, folders and files can also be reacted with a few mouse clicks back to their original location. With free SymMover you have more flexibility in organizing and storing data on hard drives and SSD. The freeware is administration rights ahead on the PC. the tool is explicitly not suitable for the displacement of Windows utilities or processes.