Steam balances Code: So it is honored!

In many reputable online stores can Steam balances Code to buy. now learn more about how you can redeem it!

The gaming platform Steam by the manufacturer Valve is now not only for die-hard gamers popular, but also in those who play only occasionally. On Steam games can be purchased digitally online, in some cases they are even given away. Here you can download the necessary client for Steam free. In addition, the Steam client also provides a great community where you can network at will. To buy games, a Steam is required, for example credit code.

With just a few clicks to cash a Steam balances Code

Steam balances CodeWith credit for Steam games of all kinds can be purchased in the client, but the credit can be used directly for microtransactions in games. The aim of this guide is meant to be that players learn how a Steam can be purchased credit code and then also redeemed.

System Requirements

In order for the game platform can be used, you need a computer running Windows (XP SP3, Vista, 7 or 8), Mac OS X 10.6.3 or Ubuntu is installed. In addition, there is enough free space on the hard disk should be present, since most newer games will fill many GB. The manufacturer Valve also recommends a processor with at least 1 GHz and 512 MB RAM. Various games can, however, also require higher standards.

Redeem Steam Balance

  1. Credit codes for Steam can now in many stores or online at reputable stores.

  2. Once the code has been acquired, has the Steam client will start and the user must log in first. Then you click on your own account name in the upper right corner. thereafter "account details" selected. Now a new window will appear.

  3. Steam the current balance is displayed on the left side of the new window. Below the display is a button that says "Download your Steam balances on", This must be selected.

  4. Since even a code exists, now needs to "Redeem Steam credit Code" be clicked. can be in a separate box, the code will then with "Continue" approved.