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With the MD Address Book Download bring home users order and clarity in their contact details. Numerous data fields capture information from the name on mail and Web addresses to phone numbers and birth dates.

MD Address Book Download with helpful search service

An interface to Google Maps addresses associated conveniently with the online mapping service, helping, for example, when approaching search. Speaking of search: MD Address Book contains a search service that looks up phone numbers by name or vice versa determines the addresses to phone numbers. For the survey in extensive address databases MD Address by grouping of related records as well as a search function provides.

Mouse click you pass addresses continue to Word or Open Office and so created letterhead. At a round thing MD address is to export the address data for Microsoft's email program Outlook. In addition, of course, a print function, and the output of the data may be used in the portable equipment usable managers not lacking in PDF. In the current version of the location manager synchronizes contacts with the MD address for Android over the local Wi-Fi network. Those looking for more address management to free download, will find in our extensive software catalog.

MD Address Book Download

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MD Address Book Download Editor's Rating