Moyea FLV Editor Lite

Moyea FLV Editor Lite is primarily for editing the popular Flash video. However, the freeware also attracts once Watched FLV clips with the help of their entries in the cache of Microsoft Internet Explorer on the local hard drive and is suitable for this detour as a downloader for YouTube and similar portals. Imported clips provides Moyea FLV Editor Lite is in the form of a timeline. This presents itself separated into a video and an audio track, which is much easier, for example, the Neuvertonen Flash movies. If desired, the user also takes the sound and stores it as an MP3 file on the computer. In addition, Moyea FLV Editor Lite unwanted parts cut away or adds more of the videos into a single composite. Conveniently, the free editor makes changes without re-encoding FLV files, making unnecessary loss of quality can be prevented.

Limitations of Moyea FLV Editor Lite

Limited functionality compared to the paid full version.