Zentimo xStorage Manager

Of the Zentimo xStorage Download Manager simplifies the management of external storage media such as hard disks, USB drives and memory cards. The shareware manages external storage media, launches portable applications, assigns drive letters to and brings a speed benchmark.

Overview of external storage media with the Zentimo xStorage Download Manager

Zentimo xStorage Manager ensures the reliable logging on and off of removable media under Windows without any data loss. On request, the shareware starts applications on external storage media via startup and assigns hard drives, memory sticks and memory cards as well as TrueCrypt containers dynamic drive letter. A built-in benchmark determines the read and write speed of disks.

With Zentimo xStorage Manager users get quick and easy overview of external storage media. The memory manager makes a useful addition to Windows tool a consistently good figure. Many other system utilities for free download can be found in our software offering.

Zentimo xStorage Download Manager

Limitations of Zentimo xStorage Manager

The trial is due 30 days fully functional.