Alternate Password DB

Of the Alternate Password DB Download uses a powerful encryption to secure passwords and PIN numbers. The freeware also allows you to specify additional information as well as freely selectable categories, so that one can not get the access messed up.

Alternate Password DB Download with central password

Alternate Password DB ensures the sensitive data with a 256-bit Blowfish algorithm and a central password. Additionally you can select the vault so that he is barred after a certain period itself. So you make sure that no one then gets access when you leave the computer for a long time. Comments in the form of text, images or tables help not to lose track even with a large number of different credentials.

Alternate Password DB stores the data as well as a possibly, allocated master password on request as an EXE file is started, for example, USB Memory. Recently, the freeware also comes with its own password generator. This generates random passwords of various lengths and keeps it from inserting always the same identifiers.

Alternate Password DB Download