Disable Facebook browser and protect against advertising

The in-app browser from Facebook is not the best tool. As you the Disable Facebook Browser and can swing out on your regular standard browser, we revealed here!

Disable Facebook BrowserIt's not a bad idea to try to disable the Facebook browser. (Picture: pixabay / Editorial)

Disable Facebook browser and continue surfing with its own browser

Whoever opens links within the Facebook app, is normally forwarded to the in-app browser - and that can quickly lead to problems. Because unfortunately annoying banner ads between app and browser ads that often have dubious content and not be clicked away. The last resort is then only to close the app completely.

For the aggressive advertising even Facebook can not - and not the page that you wanted to be forwarded. Both awarded only advertising space. On the content that ultimately aufploppen there, they have no control.

But there is a trick: Simply Facebook disable the browser and can be forwarded to your own browser. Although advertising appears here quite. This is not quite as switched usually aggressive.

Change browser: Find it

The browser you can easily change the settings in the Facebook:

  1. Opens to the Facebook app.
  2. then selects the app settings. Who finds your by your upper right typed on hamburger menu and to "Help and Settings" scrolls down. There, the first entry is the app settings.
  3. Here you will find the setting "links open external". Set the slider to "on" and you've enabled that every link you tapping into the Facebook app from now, will not open in the in-app browser, but in your regular default browser.

Facebook browser settings to disableYour forces the opening links via an external browser via the app settings. (Picture: screenshots Editor)

Other tricks

Advertising can you also prevent other ways, for example by equipping your your cell phone with an antivirus app installed or Adblocker.As external default browser you can use the Android default browser. Or You invite you Chrome, Firefox or another browser here. iOS users are of course always good advice with Safari.

can be avoided annoying advertising partly with ad blockers within this browser. From the aggressive, above advertising you should with the mentioned way but be largely protected, simply because this interface between Facebook app and in-app browser lacks that can be rented as advertising space.

Should you but even on such a banner land, helps to date as I said, only to close the app on the hard way. The back button does not work ie normally. For such cases, Android is planning the way to install a "panic button" in Android O: Tapped then you roughly four times on the back button, the app is automatically closed. This can protect against nasty attacks, malware and subscription traps. disable browser Facebook: Until then!