Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

The next shooter adventure of war heroes B. J. Blazkowicz starts. With the Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Download Gamer slip back into the role of the American secret agent who plunges into a two-part mission to thwart the victory of the regime.

The Wolfenstein: The Old Blood download is a stand-alone game

With The Old Blood Swedish development studio Machine Games brings a stand-alone expansion to the popular main game The New Order to the market. The plot of the game is laid out chronologically before The New Order, so it is called a prequel. The shooting spectacle consists of two intertwined stories set in a fictional world and ready to hold a total of eight chapters. The gamer goes again in the role of Barry Jason Blazkowicz and plays as usual from the first-person view. The Old Blood is a successful mix of compelling story and countless action-packed fight scenes.

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Download

System of Adventure Shooters

The game is in addition to the PC version also available for PS4 and Xbox One. To Download Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, the player needs a 64-bit Windows machine versions 7 or 8 for the processor minimum is an Intel Core i5-2500 needed with 3.3 GHz (or AMD FX-8320 3.5 GHz) ; the Intel Core i7 is recommended. In addition, at least 4 GB RAM memory is provided; 8 GB of RAM is recommended. For the graphic addition there are 38 GB of free space, and for the graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 / AMD Radeon HD 6870 (1GB VRAM). The main game is not required for this independent Wolfenstein part

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood - the history

B. J. Blazkowicz is an American secret agent, which is used in Europe to complete dangerous missions on behalf of the Allies. In The Old Blood, the hero finds himself in 1946, where he is to turn the tide in the fictional World War II and decide for its clients. To overthrow the German regime, which is very similar to the Nazi regime, he must master two missions in the mountains.

The first part called Rudi Jäger and the Cave of the Wolves verschlägt the hero of the Castle Wolfenstein. There he has to face a mad jailer. The aim is to find out where the base camp of General skull is. The second mission, which is titled The dark secrets of Helga von Schabbs, takes the player into the city Wulf castle. He has to stop a completely eccentric archaeologist who tries to reactivate an ancient power for the regime. This is to be stuck in ancient artifacts.

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Dwonload opponents

Full-on action with new elements

The Old Blood Download ensured in all cases: for neat shooter action is in Wolfenstein. Thus Blazkowicz can save you from bad guys in the game hardly: Soldiers of the regime, machine soldiers, elite shock troops, drones and other dark figures look for the fight. A good and consistent implementation: the robot soldiers who had been to The New Order, hang out here on power lines. It was therefore considered that the story before playing time and the technical development was not ready yet.

In addition, the gamer can equip with impressive new weapons in the expansion. a brand new repeater, a shotgun and a granatschleudernde gun were introduced. Furthermore, the player gets pipes with which he can climb walls.

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Download game world

Next to the castle Wolfenstein missions guide the player through picturesque mountains and valleys that it can pass through, among other things via cable car. Furthermore, The Old Blood leads the player into mystical and dark catacombs.