Enable cookies in Firefox browser

Enable cookies in Firefox - It's so simple. Never have to enter passwords again. Start the saving of cookies now.
After a free download from Mozilla Firefox visiting web pages can be faster and easier by enabling cookies. Cookies are small files that, among other information, such as personal page settings or passwords to save. After this Enable cookies in Firefox no longer need to be given this information, which saves time.

Enable cookies in Firefox: How it works

This guide is meant to show how the storage of cookies in Mozilla Firefox can be started. This can be done with a mobile device or a computer. The concern here is that personal page settings and passwords are henceforth stored by the browser. This in turn will ensure that the user does not have to re-enter each time you visit the website of this.

What are the requirements?

Before one takes care of the settings related to cookies, you should make sure that on the computer or mobile device, a current version of Mozilla Firefox is installed. In addition, a reliable Internet access is needed to display web pages. The browser installation is possible under various operating systems such as Windows 7, Windows XP or Macintosh. Cookies enable Firefox

The right approach

1&# 46; Step: If you want to activate cookies in Firefox, the menu button must be selected with the three horizontal bars with a click of the left mouse button after opening the browser. 2&# 46; Step: In the opening menu, select the heading is "settings" selected. 3&# 46; Step: Among the settings are a series of icons that can be selected. To enable cookies in Firefox, the icon is clicked privacy. In the selection list that is beside the point "Firefox will" is, the option is "Use custom settings" selected. 4&# 46; Step: Then new options become visible. A check must for the option "accept cookies" are set to henceforth enable cookies for Firefox. As an additional option may also include a check mark in the option "accept third-party cookies" be set. Cookies enable Firefox Options 5&# 46; Step: There is also the possibility to decide how long you want to store the cookies. Here, among the options "they are no longer valid". "Firefox is closed" or "ask me every time" to get voted. The files can be saved as long as so until they are no longer valid. This means that the website visited dictates how long stored cookies. It can also be selected so that the cookies remain stored only until you restart the browser. The option "ask me every time" means that every time a warning message is displayed whenever a Web site tries to store a cookie. 6&# 46; Step: By clicking on the option "OK" The new settings are saved.