With Wise FTP is a user-friendly FTP client comes to the PC. With its help, users connect to any FTP server to both and download files and directories up-. An FTP client must cost no money. This is undoubtedly correct, for data transfer to a computer on the Internet is technically absolutely not rocket science. If you have worked with a free FTP program, but is a little comfort certainly missing. And this is where Wise FTP comes into the picture. Thanks to intuitive user guidance, Drag'n drop operation, simultaneous transmissions of multiple files to one or more FTP servers, the integrated WISE-FTP Scheduler for scheduled transmissions, quick preview of files on the server and the integrated HTML editor for working directly on the FTP server makes Wise FTP just a bit more humor at work. Important functions are also directly from the context menu of Windows Explorer out ready and secure communications via SFTP or FTP / SSL are of course on board. If there's a need more: Wise FTP.

Limitations of WISE FTP

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